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How does it work?
The program works in 28 day cycles alternating each day between full body / upper body / lower body / active recovery. Every hour of power contains breath, yoga, mobility, sports conditioning, functional training, sculpt work, visualisation and a daily action plan. The cycle progressively gets more difficult as we build your foundations to do more advanced moves. Each cycle, the goal is to complete the next cycle at a 10% increase in weight, IF you were able to complete 90% of the exercises 
What do I need to start?
All you need to start is a dumbbell, a bit of floor space and an internet connection on your phone or laptop! 
What dumbbells will I need?
Simply estimate your body weight and fitness level to find out your starting weight.
** Dumbbell weight is based on dumbbell per hand, so 2 x dumbbells are required
* decimal is rounded to closest whole number
Imperial (lbs)
Metric (kg)
What if I can't do the program every day?
Not a problem at all, it may just take you 40, 50 or even 60 days to get through the 28 days. But you still follow the exact sequence. 
Do I get a diet plan?
We give you the blueprint of "The Flow Diet".
Is there a community support group?

Absolutely, our facebook community is viewed daily, with monthly webinars assisting you every step of the way

I don't know if I am fit enough to do it?

We have modifications for all levels.
Each session can see you modify
1. Weight
2. Range of motion (half reps may be required to start)
3. Intensity (a 30 second exercise may see you only complete 15 seconds in your opening cycles)

You can also gradually increase the number of rounds you complete. For example when starting you may only finish the first 4 rounds (Breath, Yoga, Mobility and half of Sports). As you gain fitness you will gradually add function and sculpt!

I already have a fitness routine (e.g. bodybuilding, crossfit, surfing, yoga etc) how will this work?

The program was certainly built with that in mind. You may use this training style say 1-3 times per week to give your body that total balance and continue your craft as per usual. We still recommend following the 28 days in order as it's designed very carefully to hit all aspects of your body and fitness.

This will take your craft to another level!

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